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27.10.2011 14:19

Reports of BIHE, Stomatology Azerbaijan, Beauty Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan’s Annual International Healthcare Exhibition (BIHE), the region’s major healthcare event, was held at Baku Expo Centre from 13 to 15 September. For the past 17 years, the largest exhibition in the region has gathered representatives of the local and international medical industry in Baku to discuss prospects for co-operation and the development of the industry, and to demonstrate existing trends and knowledge to a wide range of specialists in the healthcare sector. The high status of the exhibition is highlighted by the support it receives from the Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan Republic, the Azerbaijan Stomatological Association, the National Confederation of Entrepreneurs’ (Employers’) Organizations of Azerbaijan Republic and Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation (AZPROMO). “UFI”, the quality mark of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, which has been awarded to BIHE for five consecutive years, testifies to the universally accepted quality assurance of the event and is proof of the highly professional organization of the exhibition and the reliability of its performance indicators. The partners of all exhibitions in 2011 are AZAL, Azerfon-Vodafone, Greenwich Travel Club, Caspel and Caucas Point Hotel. The organizers of the exhibition are the British company, ITE Group PLC, and its partner in the Caucasus, Iteca Caspian.

Mr Mammadali Efendiev, Chairman of the National Confederation of Entrepreneurs’ (Employers’) Organizations, Mrs Rena Aliyeva, President of the Azerbaijan Stomatological Association, and Mr Farid Mamedov, director of Iteca Caspian, made speeches at the official opening of the exhibition. The speakers stressed the importance of this event in light of the current economic and social development of Azerbaijan. A significant improvement in performance indicators is currently being observed in the medical industry of Azerbaijan. The country needs the latest medical equipment and technology and BIHE provides a unique opportunity to demonstrate modern global achievements in the industry and annually contributes greatly to the development of this sector.

On the second day, BIHE 2011 was attended by Mr Elsever Aghayev, Deputy Minister for Health of Azerbaijan. During the VIP tour, Mr Aghayev familiarized himself with the details of main stands at the exhibition and showed interest in the development of state-of-the-art medical technologies and health services from various countries of the world. The Deputy Minister visited the stands of the companies of Azerbaijan, Iran, Bavaria, Latvia, Turkey and other countries, where the achievements and innovations in medical devices, pharmaceuticals, professional cosmetics and much more were demonstrated to him. During his visit, Mr Aghayev noted that, “Today the health sector in Azerbaijan is on the rise. An increasing number of new health facilities need to be provided with state-of-the-art equipment, and the current exhibition can and does help in the arrangement of such provision and promotes the emergence of new medical products and technologies in the Azerbaijani market. It is natural that such a significant event should take place during the Baku session of the Regional Office for Europe of the World Health Organization, an event that undoubtedly gives impetus to the development of medicine, not only in Azerbaijan but also in all the member countries of the organization”. Mr Elsever Agayev, Deputy Minister for Health of Azerbaijan thanked the organizers for their successful long-term involvement in the organization of the Healthcare, Stomatological and Beauty and Aesthetic Medicine exhibitions.

BIHE 2011 involved 124 companies from 19 countries, representing over 100 brands. The exhibition demonstrated the latest developments of the leading companies in Azerbaijan, Germany, Latvia, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and other countries. Forty per cent of the exhibition space was taken up by regular participants in the exhibition, including Labservis (Azerbaijan), Akgun Software (Turkey) and Amico (Russia). For the second year in a row the Bavarians (Germany) had a national stand; their participation was sponsored by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Transport and Technology. At the exhibition the German manufacturers demonstrated state-of-the-art medical equipment, devices, supplies and hygiene products, as well as the services of medical facilities in Bavaria. In general, BIHE presented a wide range of medical goods and services: medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, supplies, hygiene items and much more. The number of exhibitors working in promising areas such as laboratory equipment and medical treatment abroad has significantly increased this year.

From the very first minutes of the opening of the exhibition a productive business atmosphere was evident. Much work took place on the stands and this was where the presentations of new products were made. In addition, the workshops and consultations, which were conducted on the stands by the best specialists of the exhibiting companies and institutions, were very popular with the visitors. Thus, LABSERVIS LTD showcased a new product from Roche - a fully automated analyser for PCR detection of a sexually transmitted infection, the HPV (human papilloma virus), the early detection of which gives good results in treatment. Medeks held a presentation of surgery tables manufactured by the German firm, Schmitz, ultrasonic devices from Aloka (Japan) and Siare’s anaesthetic apparatus.

The media representatives showed extraordinary activity this year. The Caspian Orthodontic Magazine offered dental consultations with well-known and experienced dentists on their stand. In addition, the debut of the first dedicated online television channel for medicine in Azerbaijan, entitled Tibb Baku, took place at the exhibition. Tibb Baku timed the beginning of its broadcast with that of the exhibition and the first report was filmed at BIHE.

BIHE established the general principles and strategy for the exposure of existing trends and knowledge in the area of medicine seventeen years ago. The representatives of the medical industries of many countries gather each year in Baku, seeking to take part in the professional forum of specialists from the healthcare sector. The backdrop of rich exhibition stands always offers an excellent opportunity for constructive dialogue between scientists, diagnosticians and businessmen. The demonstration of the achievements in the public health sector serves as a characteristic merit of this exhibition. The visitors were very interested in the “Innovation Zone”, which took place for the second consecutive year. Companies presenting new products and technology at the exhibition accounted for 35% of the total exhibition. All new items were included in the catalogue of innovations, which was distributed free of charge throughout Baku Expo Centre over the three days of the exhibition. Polysteribox’s special container for the sterilization of instruments and dressings (AKUD-MEDPHARM), portable function testers for medical equipment (GMC-I MESSTECHNIK GMBH), the TRUEBEAM STX apparatus for radiotherapy (NEOLIFE ONCOLOGY CENTRE), the diagnostic anti-infective drugs (SERION IMMUNDIAGNOSTICA GMBH), the German manufactured 3D tomographic scanner and other domestic and foreign innovations were among the exhibits worthy of attention. The publication of the innovations’ catalogue detailing the new products and the contact information of the companies was an appropriate organizational solution. Further information about the innovative products can be found at the exhibition’s website,

The presentations and workshops arranged to discuss the possibilities of prevention, diagnosis and treatment in major clinics in Europe took place as part of the business programme. For example, one of the events that took place in Baku Expo Centre was a seminar entitled “Treatment in Germany” which discussed the possibilities of prevention, diagnosis and treatment in one of the largest and most prestigious European clinics, the University Hospital of Freiburg.

Azerbaijan’s 6th International Stomatology Exhibition, which presented dental equipment, supplies and much more, took place alongside BIHE. A demonstration of the innovations in the field of dentistry, including the German 3D tomography machine, was held within the framework of the exhibition.

The International Beauty and Aesthetic Medicine Exhibition (“Beauty Azerbaijan 2011”), which celebrated its fifth anniversary this year, had greatly expanded in size. The participants from Azerbaijan, Germany, Canada, China, Russia, Turkey and other countries demonstrated professional cosmetics, body and hair care products, equipment for beauty salons, nail treatments, fragrances and much more at the exhibition. Collagen cosmetics and express tooth whitening systems were demonstrated for the first time in this year's exhibition.

Over the three days of the exhibition, from 13 to 15 September, the exhibition was visited by 3,611 people, 80% of whom were professionals: doctors, health workers, purchasing managers and decision-makers. The visitors were a mixture of locals and extra-regional guests. Encouragingly the exhibition was attended by not only metropolitan, but also regional entrepreneurs. The exhibiting companies stated that they entered into new contracts and found opportunities for new co-operation during the three days of the exhibition. A number of companies had already booked space for participation in BIHE 2012 by the second day.

Thus, the exhibition has become an important event for everyone involved in the healthcare industry. The representatives of government agencies, physicians and specialists in the medical industry traditionally call BIHE a platform from which to communicate with manufacturers of state-of-the-art medical equipment, devices, consumables and hygiene products. At the same time, this exhibition serves as a platform for the combined audiences of different segments of the population interested in medicine and open to a healthy lifestyle. BIHE 2011 has once again successfully fulfilled the important task of becoming a unique platform for introducing new technologies to hospitals, upgrading medical logistics with state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, experience sharing and the continuing professional development of healthcare employees.

Next year, BIHE will be held from 20 to 22 September.

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